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Mission Statement

Advancing the realm of regenerative medicine with stem cell therapy and customized synergistic protocols.

our history and clinical differentiation

Synergistic healing through integrating the best-customized treatments from new world mainstream medicine and old world holistic resulting in a Regenerative medicine approach.

History and clinical differentiation

Ortho Adaptive Wellness is proud to continue the vision and heritage from one of the oldest wellness clinics in the greater Pinellas County area that opened its doors in the early 2000’s. We take great pride in our extensive experience and our well-established nutritional IV protocols and our synergistic Regenerative Medicine treatments have stood the test of time. Our clinically proven, highly effective, and therapeutic grade protocols are customizable. Our robust specialty IV protocols have a strong safety profile from renowned FDA approved compounding pharmacies. Our ultimate goal is to boost the immune system and improve overall health through a combination of synergistic therapies customized for you.

clinical difference in personalized medicine

Our team exercises great care when determining customized modality protocols. We look at each person as an individual through many avenues to determine “the root cause.” Finding the root cause through GI testing, heavy metal toxicity testing, neurotransmitter, adrenal studies, microscopy, translational research, genomic testing and necessary lab work is apart of the process. This is also the same thought process we follow with our customized IV’s. Each individual will receive attention from one of our skilled Practitioners to order and review pertinent lab work prior to IV administration. Orthoadaptive Wellness fills in the gaps where individuals are deficient in certain vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This precision technique helps to obtain desired results from improving mood and overall well-being.

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