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The Orthoadaptive Wellness team takes a great deal of pride in our IV process. Our process enables us to provide each patient with customized IV’s based upon their specific needs.

We take great care with each patient by prescribing bloodwork and utilizing the results to determine the best protocol for you. Not every practice goes through these measures, but we want each IV patient to have the most customized and efficacious experience possible.

For each new IV patient, we provide a one-time IV consultation with one of our Nurse Practitioners. There is a one-time fee of $30 per patient. If a patient has had lab work that includes a Complete Metabolic Panel within 6 months, please provide during the time of your consultation to avoid having new lab work done.

To make the process run smoothly, we encourage you to fill out the Nurse Practitioner Intake Packet for Parenteral Nutrition.

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