Mesotherapy  Facial Rejuvenation


Cosmetic Rejuvenation

PRP Cosmetic Rejuvenation works pretty much the same way. Once injected into your skin, the platelets will accelerate the normal healing process and produces new collagen (what tendons are made of) at the injected area.

Here’s the list of cosmetic procedures commonly performed with PRP:

Wrinkle Improvement:

Wrinkle improvement: fine wrinkles, eye wrinkles, wrinkles around mouth, forehead wrinkles.

Skin Pores and Elasticity

Reduction of skin pore size, improvement in skin elasticity and skin tone.

Skin Pigmentation Disorders:

Skin whitening against hyper-pigmentation such as freckles, skin blemish, etc.

Other Applications:

Improvement in hair loss, chapped skin, burn wound, dark circle, etc.

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